Posted by: Chris | November 3, 2009

The Beginning is the hardest part

So I have been thinking of starting a blog to catch up with the rest of the world under the age of 40, but have had some concerns that have been holding me back:

1) Lack of follow-through. From the basket weaving, beading, and stone polishing kits I begged for as a kid each Christmas to my golf swing, I sometimes just don’t follow through. Don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m highly intelligent and get bored easily. Or maybe it’s because I’m lazy. Maybe, like with my golf swing, it’s cause I’m just too stubborn to listen to my Dad (Sorry Dad!) Whatever the reason, my parents’ basement is full of half-completed art projects from decades past, and I still have a tendency to hit right on my golf shots. Do I really need to add one more dropped blog to the internet (ummm…sorry…I’ve been, umm, busy)

2) So I overcome the lack of follow-through and commit to actually making a blog last a year (hey, gotta start with a reasonably managable goal, right?) – am I interesting enough to come up with stuff that anyone would want to read? I know my parents would, cause they’re my parents, but they don’t get along that well with the internets and if I told them I was blogging would probably ask if I’m feeling okay.

3) I’m able to convince myself that, hey, at the very least I can come up with some good one-liners, some “best of” lists, and rants about the traffic on the beltway. But…will I be able to measure up to my friend’s blogs? More importantly, my husbands!? I wowuldn’t want my blog to become like the random catalogue you find in the bathroom when you just gotta have something to keep yourself occupied while, well, you get the idea.

4) All personal failings aside, the part of this whole blogging experience I’m having the most trouble with as I write this potetial post in an e-mail to myself (cause, hey, I don’t have a blog yet) is….what can I call the dern thing!? I’m really stymied on this one. Something me, something funny, something rememberable, something that’s easy to spell….

I have it!



  1. I think you’re very interesting and have plenty to write about! Plus, it’s fun to read your posts because you don’t write like you talk, so it’s kind of like I’m getting to hear from a different you! 🙂

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