Posted by: Chris | November 4, 2009

One year ago

Obama Family on Election Night

One year ago today the country woke up to find that history had been made.  Election Day 2008 resulted in the country electing its frist African American president, and race aside, a man with more charisma seen in any presidential condender since JFK.  Who made the country believe, at least for one day, that Yes, we CAN.  My hubby and I had gone to bed while the fight for Virginia was still on, to be woken up not too long after 11 by a cheer errupting from the neighborhood (we live in NoVA – the pocket of blue on the top of every voter map).  We stayed up to listen to our new President-to-Be reach out to all of us to get this country moving.  And we went through the next day with people still feeling a sense of hope and pride that maybe we really will move forward together. All politics aside (I tend to lean conservative, actually) it was a great feeling.

Now we just gotta be patient, people.  There’s a whole lot that needs to be done and the wheels of our government are awful big and stuck in all sorts of muck.  But if we can all remember, and hold on to, just a bit of that feeling of coming together to push for our communal good, we will get there sooner or later.



  1. I remember that feeling riding the metro. Everyone had that look as if we had just done something important. Compare that to the other day on the metro where you could sense the infighting and spin about whether or not this election was a referendum on the president or not. So depressing…

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