Posted by: Chris | November 5, 2009

Virginia is for Lovers…of personalized tags

It doesn’t cost much in Virginia to get personalized vanity plates for your car.  I think when I first registered my car here four years ago it cost an additional $10.  Not much for the chance to put yourself and your creativity out there on display on the butt of your car!  Spending a good chunk of time on the Beltway every workday, I tend to see many of these plates.  Some make me laugh, some are just neat, and some, well, many, actually, just make me stratch my head and go “huh?”

I think the top two plates I have seen around here have been on a neon green Prius tagged as SOYLENT and a black Charger christened DRKNYGT.  Oh, and there was that herse driving out 66 that one weekend who’s actual tag I can’t remember but it boiled down to “No Life Here!” 

But then there are those whos ingenuity seems to have been taxed a bit and the result just doesn’t make sense to the average driver.  I’m not talking of the people who proclaim their couple-dom via tags like JMB & CTB or pride in their career (NAVY 66) but ones where it just looks like the plate is trying to send you a message…and just fails. 

Take for example this morning.  I was traveling along behind a Prelude named EZGI.  What the heck is an ezgi?  A name, Ezgi?  A request to drivers to back off, “take is EZ, guy”?  An advertisement, “Hey, I’m an EZ guy!  Come jump in my fun-mobile”?  I wondered about this for a good 5 minutes this morning while in my driving-to-work routine.  Not as bad as day-dreaming, but definatley not giving my full attention to the road infront of me and the cars around me.

So drivers, for the piece of mind of your fellow travelers, if you’re going to get a vanity plate, make it something easy to understand at a glace…there are enough accidents on the road already without people trying to follow you to understand your plate and getting distracted by wondering what you mean.  THANC U


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