Posted by: Chris | November 6, 2009

Guilty Pleasures: Gossip Mags

People Magazine cover

Oooooh, Scandal-icious! Yum!

Hi, my name is Ilsa Ducks, and I’m a celebrity gossip-holic.  My morning routine includes a brief stop at to see what’s happening in the world of the famous and rich.  It doesn’t even really matter that I have no idea who many of these people are now adays, just that I know I’ve heard their name somewhere before and therefore they must be interesting!

Is it wrong to admit that one of the reasons I used to go to the main gym in my complex over the one in my building was because people would bring in and leave copies of Us and Life&Styles and other magazines I couldn’t bring myself to buy but looooved to read?  Like I said, gossip-holic.

To make my problem even worse – I don’t watch much tv.  I have never seen a reality show other than What Not to Wear, Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?, and Say Yes to the Dress.  No Idol, no Survivor, nothing.  Oh, okay, so I did watch one season of this show called “He’s a Lady” that was on when I was in grad school, but that was how I ended my week and will fully admit it was dorky.  Oh, and I have seen about 2 episodes of Jon & Kate.  But oh, oh how I’ve read about them!

“Just stop, just put it down” is what my hubby says to me as we stand in the check-out line at the grocery store, and I do try to not look.  But the clothes!  The parties!  The affairs, the back-stabbings, the trainrecks in the making!!!!  It feeds our overwhelming curiosity with accidents, disasters and so on.  Seriously, how many of us can not look at and accident on the side of the road?  Especially not when it’s packaged with shiney pages and un-named intimate sources and in a world so totally separate from what we live in each and every day?



  1. Just put it down! Giving in will just make it worse! It’s not healthy to make yourself feel better about yourself by reading about other people’s suffering!

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