Posted by: Chris | November 11, 2009

Veterans’ Day, or yet another day I am at work while everyone else is off.

Working in DC means that just about everyone you know has every federal holiday off.  Even many contractors, who work for the government, are sitting home today, enjoying this grey, rainy day from the comfort of their own homes.  Me, I’m at work.  The only difference from my normal day is none of the clients are calling or e-mailing me cause they’re all federal employees!  I really gotta get into this government thingy.

All joking/exasperation aside, what a week. 

Last night the DC Sniper, who with the assistance of a child killed 10 people in Maryland and Virginia 7 years ago, had his sentence of death was carried out. 

Yesterday the President, Fort Hood, and the Nation took time to mourn the murder of 13 military personnel (12 active duty, one retired but working as a civilian) while reporting for pre-deployment staging at the hands of a fellow solder.  Even worse, a doctor who had sworn an oath to do no harm.  Last week a friend lost a commrade in arms in a helicopter crash. 

Overseas or on the home front, please remember the men and women who have given their time, energy and sometimes their lives to serve, defend and protect the rest of us.  Thank you.



  1. Don’t forget drinking a cup of coffee! And you’re welcome!

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