Posted by: Chris | November 13, 2009

…And I forgot my jacket.

Yesterday I went to a conference in DC to discuss businesses “stepping up” and working with the government to get more vets back into the workplace.  Speaking at the conference were Secretary Solis, from Department of Labor, and Secretary Shinseki, from Department of Veterans’ Affairs.  Also on the list were a couple of retired generals who are advisors to the President.  What a day to be “in” the DC scene!  I mean, how often does one get to go to a conference with TWO different sets of Secret Service agents in attendance?  Gotta look spiffy for this one!

So I put on a suit, got on the metro like a good DC commuter, arrived at the conference at the US Chamber of Commerce, and was about to take my coat off and get some breakfast when I realized I was missing something.  Like, my suit jacket.  D’oh!

Yesterday morning I wanted to double check which metro stop was closer to the Chamber, information that I had in my work e-mail.  Now, Lucius just loves nuzzling people who have a computer infront of them, so I wisely left my jacket on the back of a chair so I wouldn’t get kitty hair all over me.  I boot up the computer, Lucius jumps up on the sofa next to me and starts nuzzling my elbow, go to log into my e-mail….and our company server is down.  PANIC!! 

Tried to contact the office; no one was in.  Saw a co-worker on IM and asked if she was having issues; no response.  Tried to google the place; couldn’t remember the name of the conference.  Crap.  By this time hubby was telling me we had to get out the door or we’ll miss the shuttle to the metro.  I run over, grab my bag, winter coat and umbrella, lock the door, and get to the metro on time.  Got off at the right stop, too.  Feeling very proud of myself, I easily found my way to the Chamber.  And that’s when I realized I had forgotten one crucial step that morning…the jacket!

Fortunately for me, I was smart enough to wear a black pants suit and my winter coat is a black pea-coat style number.  Also fortunately for me, the room was slightly chilly.  So what did this talented person do?  She left her black winter coat on FOR THE ENTIRE CONFERENCE.  Genius.  Now no one will ever know my dark (black wool) secret….


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