Posted by: Chris | November 18, 2009

Star Trek – or Chris Pine gets Beat Up a Lot

Oh Chris Pine, I still think you're cute even though you get your ass handed to you...

First – I love the new Star Trek.  I love all the old ones, too, but this movie is fantastic.  What an interesting way to re-do the franchise without re-making the movies.  I love how they bring in a bunch of the famous lines (and jokes!) from the original, for that extra touch. 

The red shirt bit part of DOOM!!!

Second –  That opening scene.  Made me cry at the theater, made me cry last night, will probably make me cry each time I see it.  Dang that’s a good movie!

Third – Does anyone else think Kirk really needs to work on his fighting skills?  I mean, the guy gets beaten up at least three times in the movie, four if you count the creatures on that one planet.  Good thing they have super space aged medicine, or he wouldn’t be keeping that pretty face  for long!

Fourth – Lenny Nimoy.  You still rock them ears after all these years.  Live long and prosper.

Last – I hope they don’t make another one.  I haven’t said that about a great movie in a while, but I think to make a second would be a slippery slope down the path of the original movies.  They were entertaining and all, but, I mean, they did get pretty ridiculous towards the end of each series’ time on the big screen (Nemesis, anyone?).

Now, if you haven’t yet bought it off Amazon – boldly go…to the video store!



  1. we could watch it again tonight!

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