Posted by: Chris | November 22, 2009

Guilty Pleasures: Hard Hitting Football

I love football season.  I don’t always pay a ton of attention to the entire game (I tend to fall into a 3rd quarter slump, honestly) but I really like good football.  And I’m not one of those people who thinks a game is boring if it’s not high scoring.  If you have a power-house defense going the score shouldn’t be that high, right?  A real hard-hitting defense.

Borrowed from The Washington Post

The type of hurt you feel sitting in your livingroom

I never want anyone to get really hurt, but I just don’t feel that a game of football is complete until there has been someone kocked on their butt. 

But Ilsa, you’re saying, tons of people love football and the hits and injuries that are part of the game, why is this a guilty pleasure?  (Like my husband, seeing me write this entry!)   Well, I guess it’s really not.  Except I’m by and large a very lady-like person.  At restaurants I eat with my hand in my lap and my back doesn’t touch the back of the chair.  I greatly enjoy opera and ballet.  I’m pretty quiet in company until you get to know me.  Heck, I don’t even cuss and just sound really funny if I try.  But once it’s time for Sunday football, the sweatshirt and ratty jeans come out of the closet, the beer and chips are out on the table, and I’m clapping and yelling and jumping up and down – and boy it is fun!



  1. I love your blog! Your style of writing is so different from your normal style of interaction that it’s like I have two wives!

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