Posted by: Chris | November 24, 2009

The boy who cried “wolf!”

Or as I like to call it, the builing who cried “Fire!”  The fire alarm in my office building likes to go off every couple of weeks or so, when it thinks things are too boring.  This is usually accompanied by some random banging and clanging from the HVAC pipes that run above my office.  Today it decided to go off twice (note – I was in the bathroom one of these times.  If you’re curious, it’s not louder, but it definately echos more). 

It's not the alarm itself that's annoying, it's that it goes off too often.

So the crying “fire” part – no one reacts to these alarms any more.  As you can imagine, this is going to be bad news if we ever do have a real fire emergency in our building.  Take a few weeks ago, for example.  The alarms went off, and we stayed still.  A few minutes of really irritating accouncements by a voice way too calm for a real emergency we thought to call upstairs to the management office to ask if it was real or not.  Someone did answer the phone (they aren’t too fused about a possibly burning building, either, apparently) and said they weren’t entirely sure, but better to head downstairs anyway, just in case.  Oh, and by the way, did you know there is free ice cream in the lobby til 1pm as a thank you for being our tennants?  I don’t even think the phone got fully placed back on the receiver before we were out the door.

Now THAT'S an alarm I could learn to live with!

So the lesson here is: the fire alarm voice should have told us about free ice cream if they truely want us to evacuate the building since threat of a fire just doesn’t cut it any more.


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