Posted by: Chris | November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Wars: Victory is Mine!!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!  Time for a parade and turkey and stuffing and a large helping of fighting over who brings what to the family dinner.

In my family, we would watch the parade then make the drive to Utica to have a 2:00ish dinner with my grandparents and my aunt’s family at the Yahnundasis.  Good food, and no one had to do dishes. 

Once hubby and I got engaged I got my first invitation to join his family in Bethesda for what he promised me would be a Thanksgiving I wouldn’t forget.  From time immemorial hubby’s grandmother has hosted Thanksgiving dinner, making the bird and the rest of the family bringing their assigned dishes (my mom-in-law on green beans and sweet potatoes with her mom on Jell-o mold and her sister on zuchinni souffle, etc.)  Everyone (literally, the grandma’s daughter- in-law’s sister’s family and the other daughter-in-law’s parents were staples) would gather for drinks and dinner and LOUD constant discourse before going home to explode.  First year was an experience.  By the second year I wanted to bring my own offering to dinner.  I was so excited to bring something to show off my mad kitchen skills and to really be part of the family.  I was assigned fruit.  FRUIT!!!  No one eats fruit at Thanksgiving!!  Clearly, I would have to fight to move up in the heirarchy.

Slowly my incursion began – I make awesome whipped potatoes.  I gradually added an apple pie and a pumpkin pie.  After being assigned sole dessert responsibility from the GIC (that’s Grandma-in-Charge) last year I decided to bring the thunder with some new weapony from Crate and Barrel:

Killer, right?  Well, Max’s aunt (uncle’s wife, not related to GIC), who for years has made cookies, was informed by GIC to not bring any last year since I was assigned sole dessert responsibilities.  She broke the rules of engagement and brought two big boxes of mediocre cookies.  That’s it, GAME ON!!

So this year we pre-empted with this:

Come on, a pumpkin filled with mashed potatoes? Brilliant, right!?

And guess what happened – the aunt is going to her brother’s house this year instead!  Proof positive that pre-emptive strikes DO work – when properly supported by Crate and Barrel.  Victory is MINE!!  Happy Thanksgiving Wars, everyone!


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