Posted by: Chris | November 30, 2009

Lucius the Wonder-Cat!

So just about every night around bedtime Lucius goes into what we call “crazy kitty mode.”  Usually this involves one of two scenarios: running into our room and quickly stopping, letting loose a big “MEROWW!”, running back out of our room and clawing a piece of furniture someone in the condo with us yelling at him to stop; or hearing him running around in the other rooms, hearing a “thud” and then “Meow-meow-MEROW!!”  In either case, pretty entertaining (other than the furniture scratching, that is).

Last night, he outdid himself.  Lucius comes charging into our room, announces his presence (“MEROWW!”) and continues to our closet.  Then there were three little “meh-meh-meows,” like he was gearing himself up for something, and a little thud.  Thuds usually elicit a “Lucius?  You okay” from one of us, to which he usually responds (he’s so smart!) – this time, nothing.  A few more tries with no response or sign of repentent kitty, I start getting worried he’s gotten himself stuck somewhere or hurt himself.  So I get out of bed, go into the closet and…

He’s jumped vertically up onto the dresser!  Like, a chest height dresser!  And to make it even more impressive, there’s only about three-inches exposed cause the rest is under a built-in.  And this is the cat that a few months ago we were worried about dying on us cause of newly diagnosed kidney disease!  So after laughing at him for a little bit and watching him walk back and forth onto the shelf to the right of the dresser, coming back to meow at us, trying to turn around on the dresser, we realize – he can’t get down!  So Mommy comes to the rescue and lifts him down and he sashays on his merry little way.

But I’m sure he hasn’t learned anything – in fact, I think he was just warming up for when the chives are in the Aerogarden on the kitchen counter again…



  1. yes…we do have a rather talented kitty…although I think we need to cut his nails!

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