Posted by: Chris | December 2, 2009

When Christmas traditions collide!

Last night the hubby and I got into the holiday spirit and just about finished decorating our condo for the holidays (see his blog about the result here:  But first we needed to run a couple of errands…

I picked hubby up at the metro, where he instantly started telling me about these two girls standing infront of him for the last few minutes with Chinese food, talking about how hungry they were and with the smell wafting under his nose and now he really really REALLY wanted chinese for dinner.  And that it would be perfect timing, with decorating, since Chinese on Christmas is pretty much the only Christmas tradition he has from the time before me (hubby and his family are Jewish). 

So we get home from our errands involving 3M hooks, holiday pillows, and a new Christmas outfit for Lucius and plopped down with some Chinese.  Then in accordance with my family tradition, we put up the tree and covered it in decorations with a glass of egg nog to start and to finish (Note to you, friendly reader: make sure you wait awhile before moving to the nog – soy sauce and nutmeg laced nog don’t mix!)  So this is how traditions are born…



  1. Chinese food was being had at our house last night, too! Weird! AND I had egg nog before I went to bed.

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