Posted by: Chris | December 8, 2009

Just one reason why I love my hubby

So last night hubby and I were sitting in the glow of our Christmas decorations and he says, out of no where, “if I were the President and you were the first lady, I would have a special day for military families and especially children with parents on deployment come to the White House to make Christmas ornaments and those would be the ones to go on the official tree.” 

“ooh, yeah!” I said, “And we could set up a program at bases and guard centers across the country so those kids can make them and send them in so every military child who participates has a chance of their ornament being on the tree!”  “Yeah!  That’s a great idea!” he replied.

I love my husband.  🙂



  1. I really tried to find a way to mock this, but its actually a pretty good idea. In all seriousness, it might be worthwhile to email this to the White House. It would be great image-building for them, so while it would probably be ignored it actually stands some chance of being noticed.

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