Posted by: Chris | December 9, 2009

Everyone’s motivation is different, I guess?

I have been trying to get back into routine gymming; we were going three times a week for an hour, solid, before our trip to Hawaii and…well, haven’t been doing so well since.  Now that I’m not going to be wearing a tiny bikini in public anytime soon I need a new motivation.  Right now it’s looking good in this dress I got right before I got married that unfortunately was tailored a liiiitle too snug (of course, all the food on a European cruise didn’t help, either, I’m sure).  It’s a great dress, black mermaid with a small train and teal flower embroidery down the front and back.  And I’m almost there.

So last night I was in the gym running on the elliptical and I looked down into the tray that holds your water bottle and book and tv remote – and there were two Hershey kisses wrappers.  So someone was treating his or her self with chocolate every time he or she reached a milestone.  Now that is some tasty, bite sized motivation!



  1. Well either they were treating themselves, or they only left two wrappers behind from the bag they ate while working out. 😛 Chocolate is a dangerous motivation…. my motivation… uh.. yea I don’t have one right now!

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