Posted by: Chris | December 10, 2009

You know what grinds my gears?

People who go to the gym in our condo with their ipods on and STILL turn the TV on!  There was a guy who came in the other week, when I was already there reading while running, proceded to turn on the tv without asking (um, hi, the tv is off for a reason, you know), put his ear buds in, and cranked up BOTH the tv and the ipod so I could hear both of them.  Over the sound of two ellipticals and a stationary bike.  And when I asked him to turn one or the other down cause it was just too much to process at 6:30 in the evening after a long day he gave me a dirty look.  Oh, he turned them both down, but with very ill grace.  So in comparison the guy last night wasn’t as bad – he was there first and the tv was basically muted, but come on, people.  Do you honestly have that short an attention span that you need both?  Geesh.

I also can’t stand cars that cut you off on the beltway (usually in the left lane) and then slow down and allow dozens of cars infront of them.  I’m looking at you, Honda!!!



  1. But the Beltway was made for cuttin’ people off! Come on!

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