Posted by: Chris | December 19, 2009

Panic! At the Grocery

In case you haven’t heard or don’t live in the DC area, we’re in the midst of a blizzard warning.  16 to 24 inches total snow accumulation anticipated.  Which, if you’re in the Midwest or Northeast it’s a lot of snow, but not really anything to worry about too much.  Then there’s DC.  This is a city that is built at the end of a hurrican corridor, yet people freak out when it rains because the roads don’t drain well.  Snow – why, just someone just needs to whisper that four lettered word and the city will start to shut down.  I have been more terrified driving on the highway here in a light dusting than driving in Syracuse in a blizzard.  So when yesterday it became pretty clear that this storm was real, I decided it may be a good thing to take the afternoon off to run the errands we were going to do Saturday and to make sure we had enough food should people still try to make it to our little get together tonight and get stranded.  I picked up Max at his office, and the two of us went to Fort Meyer commissary, our usual grocery stomping ground.  Just driving into the parking lot you could sense the levels of panic rising.  The lot at this place is pretty huge, and it’s never more than half full.  Yesterday, we couldn’t even find a real parking spot and had to park along the grass at the back.  There were no grocery carts available, we had to wait for someone to come out of the check-out line and take theirs.  The staff was working overtime to put out enough food that it didn’t look too picked over.  And the line…the line snaked its way all the way back to the deli department.  In the end, we made it out and home in one piece, but it was just one “No….Paper….Towels!?!?!” moment away from shear chaos.  Gotta love this town!


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