Posted by: Chris | December 29, 2009

Had a Holly, Jolly Christmas

We’re now into Day 2 of the post-Christmas return to work week.  So far I will say it’s not bad at all; I guess it helps when one’s main client is the federal government and they don’t really do much in this down period between Christmas and New Years.  Anyway, I had a great holiday.  I got every single thing I wanted for Christmas and then some.  For example, did you know that when you casually mention you would like a KitchenAid stand mixer without any expectation of getting one, you’ll end up with two?  (Moral of the story, kids: coordination is a good thing so you never have to see the disappointment in your in-laws eyes when you tell them that when you called your parents to tell them how excited you are about your new blender they laughed and said they not only got you one, too, but they got it several months ago and already sent off for the rebate and received the bonus extra so the in-laws have to take theirs back!)

I also got to see my Little Falls, NY family for the first time in two years – last year when we were supposed to see them the hubby’s granddad fell and ended up in the hospital so we had to leave NY early.  Got to see my little cousins – ages 6, 4 and an incredibly adorable 2 – and my big cousins ages teen to will no longer admit publicly.  You wanna know a great way to make yourself feel old?  Talking to the younger cousin you remember being born about her wedding plans.  I also got to see a chunk of my Utica family, which can be very entertaining and stressful at the same time as several of them are in their 90’s. 

Best of all, I got to share Christmas with my parents and the hubby with the traditions I’ve grown up with over the years – beef tenderloin for dinner, a roaring fire, and the best Christmas movie ever – Muppet Christmas Carol.  Oh, and I got a lot of good loot!



  1. […] grandparents were coming down to dinner.  After the great Stand Mixer Debacle of Christmas 2009 (see previous post) I promised my mom-in-law I would use the mixer to make something.  “What better dessert to […]

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