Posted by: Chris | January 2, 2010


I usually don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, cause they tend to fall flat after  a few weeks.  However, this year I made a resolution that we are going to get out and take more advantage of what DC has to offer.  We were doing pretty good for a while last year, but then it got hot.  And then we got lazy.  And then it got cold.  And now here we are, having not left the condo building since Thursday.  (Although to be fair, hubby hasn’t been feeling well, so that accounts for some of it)

DC is an awesome city.  There are tons of free museums, and many others that don’t cost all that much for an afternoon’s enjoyment.  Thousands of restaurants, of pretty much whatever style of food you happen to have a yen for at that particular moment in time.  We’re surrounded by national/historic parks.  Dozens of theater and performing arts groups, from interpretive dance to opera (we even had a naked Macbeth last year!)  And we’ve only done a small portion of what’s out there. 

When we moved here, we wanted to make sure that by the time we left we didn’t regret not doing anything you can only do here.  We’ve done a lot – Redskins games, Smithsonians and dinner in Chinatown, wandering around Teddy Roosevelt Island, Mount Vernon – but there’s still so much more.  Any suggestions?


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