Posted by: Chris | January 7, 2010

Sometimes there is no question of guilt

Yesterday there was a headline on the website that honestly annoyed me – “Alledged Holocaust Museum Shooter Dies.”  “Alledged”???  I realize that we live in a country where, legally, one is innocent until proven guilty.  I realize that there are a lot of crimes and suspects where thank goodness that is the way our country works.  I’m really glad our country works that way, honestly.  I guess it just bothers me that in cases where there is clearly no question of guilt (as supported by evidence from the dozen or so eye witnesses, the video surveillance tapes, his gun containing the bullets that killed the security guard, and the guy’s own writing) the word “alledged” is still granted to him.  I guess it bothered a lot of other people, too – today the headline reads “White Supremicist Holocaust Museum Shooter Dies.”



  1. This is a hard one to disagree with, but stating there is “clearly no question of guilt” can be dangerous. Without the law, he probably would’ve been executed on site, but no matter how heinous the crime, criminals still have rights. Remember, this is the same country that prosecuted people for being witches. This is also the same country that has wrongfully imprisoned numerous people for crimes they didn’t commit. Without giving this scumbag due process would seriously jeopardize the rights of some who may actually be wrongfully accused of a crime somewhere else.

  2. I guess I was more in rant and not clear discussion mode this morning. I’m not trying to say that anyone should be denied their right of due process and trial and all that good stuff. Just that between the media pretending to be objective and the fear of libel/slander lawsuits, words like “alleged” and “supposed” and the like are always used. And I think the Innocence Project is a great thing and has done a lot of good work. But, still, I’m glad they changed the headline this morning.

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