Posted by: Chris | January 15, 2010

Restaurant Week

Tuesday I was flipping through, and briefly saw an ad (or an article, but honestly, aren’t they kinda one and the same now?) for Restaurant Week.  Yippie!  If you’re not familiar with Restaurant Week, here in DC about twice a year a bunch of really good restaurants that you would love to eat at but save for “special occasions” because you have to pay your mortgage before your dinner bill, get together and offer a price fixe menu for $35.10 (okay, the price changes slightly year to year, but you get the idea).  Some restaurants include all their “hit” dishes.  Some design menus just for this week to show off what they can do.  But in either case, you get to choose from one of usually three or four appetizers, five to seven main courses, and three or four desserts.  Usually at most of these places that would run you about $70 a person.  Nice deals, eh?  It’s an awesome week – trouble is, we don’t get into DC very much except on weekends, and these reservations go quick!  So I was even MORE excited when I saw that a bunch of restaurants in NoVA were also  participating.  Yippie again!

So we got a reservation to a nice little French restaurant in Old Town called Bastille.  Only one left on Thursday night was at 5:45.  I figured we could make that, especially if I left a bit early, and so booked the time.  This week has been a very busy one for me at work and for the hubby, too, so we were really looking forward to this treat.  So I leave work about 15 minutes early, noting that traffic appeared to be going fine past my window so all should be well.  I get about halfway home, and STOP!  It took me from 4:15 to 5:30 to go less than 25 miles of 4 to 5 lane highway.  Long story short, I called Bastille in a panic explaining I was stuck on the Beltway, and they were able to push our time back.  Phew!  I was seriously almost in tears at thoughts of staring into this quaint little candle lit restaurant of happy eaters and a big maitre ‘d blocking the door cause we were late and they couldn’t fit us in after this crazy week.  Anyway….

So we get there at 6:15 (!) after I’ve been in the car two solid hours.  And have a fabulous dinner.  Starting off with a cocktail (a Moulin Rouge – too bad it wasn’t served with a side of Ewan McGregor), I had frisee salad with smoked duck sausage (heavy on the smoke) with cheese and apples, pan seared sea scallops with lobster roe emulsion on a bed of black truffle risotto, and some sort of amazing chocolate concoction somewhere between mousse and cake topped with a cranberry sauce and creme freshce.  Add in a glass of chardonnay recommended by the waiter, and it was a delight.  Service – slow to start but very attentive there after (and they call you Monsieur and Madam).  Food – amazing.  Atmosphere – charming, though a little dark for after a long day at work (danger of falling asleep in the post-food and wine glow, you know).  All together, a solid 4.5.  I would recommend – though you may want to wait for the next Restaurant Week to roll around!


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