Posted by: Chris | January 17, 2010

Tiramisu for 32, Part Duex

A few months ago the hubby and I were making an almost homemade Italian dinner for our friends. We had some chianti, homemade meatballs and sauce, homemade Italian herb bread all planned, and I decided to add that most Italian of desserts, tiramisu.  With some help from my friend Google (Das Google!) I found a recipe that looked pretty easy and delicious.  We went to the grocery store specifically to pick up the cream cheese, whipping cream and lady fingers for what was going to be my ‘dessert de resistance’.  First up, blending the cream cheese, sugar and brandy.  Being a true chef, I of course tasted along the way to make sure nothing was poisoned (it wasn’t). Next step – whipped cream.  I started whipping the cream (I did not have a stand mixer at this point, FYI) and thought – “Gee, it sure is taking a long time to whip a quart of cream.  My hand’s getting tired.  I bet I can set up the mixer on top of some cake mix boxes and it should be okay.”  I started to get an odd feeling at this point that – “hmm, that’s a lot of the cream cheese mixture.  And that’s a lot of whipped cream.  Well, I know tiramisu has layers, I’m sure it’ll be okay.”  I moved on to the next step of the recipe – fold the whipped cream into the cream cheese mixture.  Uh oh.  “Ummm…I think something’s wrong here.  That’s an awful lot of creamy stuff for a dessert that serves…wait, how many does this recipe serve?”  Scrolling down to the bottom of the recipe I see my answer – 32.  Crap!  Not being one to waste food I folded all that creamy goodness together and used the one pack of lady fingers I had picked up to make one tiramisu.  Then the next day I went back to the grocery store to buy several packs of shortcake cups and spent a week inviting neighbors over for “made-to-order-misu”.  Finally I had to admit that the tiramisu had beaten me, and I threw the rest out.  I promised myself that I would never, ever make that much tiramisu again; half the recipe would be plenty.

Fast forward to yesterday.  The in-laws and grandparents were coming down to dinner.  After the great Stand Mixer Debacle of Christmas 2009 (see previous post) I promised my mom-in-law I would use the mixer to make something.  “What better dessert to make with a stand mixer,” I asked myself, “than whip intensive tiramisu?”  “Why, no better dessert” I answered myself, and pulled up the recipe to write the grocery list.  I even checked the serving size – serves 15.  “That’s odd, I thought it served 32.  I must have saved a different recipe after that mess the last time. Well, we’re going to have 7 over, and I’d like some left over for the week, I guess I’ll just make what the recipe calls for.”

Well, folks, you can guess what happened.  Same.  Exact.  Thing.  Massive amounts of Italian creamy goodness.  Oh, did I mention that I also lost my 9×13 cake pan?  Not realizing this fact until I had everything all mixed I had to improvise with two 9 in. rounds.  This actually worked out pretty well, cause our friend’s parents are visiting – guess what they had for dessert last night?  Oh, and I still have enough cream and lady fingers left to make at least one more 9 in. round once one of the pans is clean.  And to make all this even better, one of the grandparents got sick, so I was out two dinner guests (did I mention that I had made two roasting pans full of pot roast?).  As I said once the pot roast was in the oven and the tiramisu chilling in the fridge – “I feel like I just fought a war with my kitchen.”  And my loving husband replied –

“I think the kitchen won.”  It did win – but at least it was a tasty defeat.



  1. You should feel welcome to make me 32 servings of dessert any time.

  2. Tasty indeed. Thanks for thinking of us. (and I can’t believe you did it again.)

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