Posted by: Chris | January 22, 2010

Dance Class

As a Christmas gift, the hubby signed us up for a complimentary dance lesson at Arthur Murray, something we’ve been talking about doing for a while now.  I used to dance with my mom in the kitchen growing up (she only knew the girl’s part so I had to learn the boy’s, then reverse it!) and I always wanted to learn 1) if what I knew was right and 2) some more turns, steps and smoothness.  Well, we signed up for a series of 6 to start (6 private lessons, 6 group lessons and 6 practice classes).  2 private lessons and 1 group/practice class in, I’ve learned that 1) about 85-90% of what I learned was right, which gives me hope that the stuff we’re not scheduled to learn in these 6 classes that I know is right, too!, and 2) all the steps and turns in the world won’t make you a good dancer if you don’t know the basics.  I’m enjoying it, and so far the hubby is, too.  Of course, it probably helps that our instructor is more the hubby’s type than I am!



  1. She is cute!

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