Posted by: Chris | February 5, 2010

Don’t Panic!

In case you don’t live in DC or the other areas already hit, or haven’t watched the news, DC is in for a big snowstorm.  Last report I saw as up to 30 inches of snow.  Now, growing up in Syracuse NY, this is a good amount of snow, but certainly manageable.  Schools may close early, or maybe a delay, but otherwise business as usual.  However, since moving out of NY I, too have fallen into the mindset of snow being frightening after seeing the reactions of people in this area.  I am more terrified driving in a light dusting here on a 4 lane highway than I was back home in a blizzard on city streets.  Well, DC, let’s all take a deep breath and try to remember:

Let's try and remember this one, people.

Other snow storms have been a mess of traffic and a loss of humanity over the bread and milk (which weren’t actually in danger of running out, by the way.  In fact, day after the last snow storm Max walked to the Giant and bought a pecan pie.)  Now heading into our second storm of the year, DC seems to have realized that snow isn’t the end of the world and a little foreplanning makes all the difference.  For example, the roads yesterday were pretty empty cause everyone was at the grocery store beating up little old ladies for day old bread.  I went to the store this morning to pick up the necessities – ricotta cheese for lasagna and two six packs of beer – and although I suspect busier than usual on a Friday morning, calm, orderly and well stocked. 

Anyway, folks, don’t worry.  You’ll survive.  The water lines won’t break.  You probably have a mess load of food in your panty or freezer you’ve forgotten about.  Gas and electricity for cooking won’t be interrupted (unless some moron who isn’t used to the weather tries driving and hits the pole outside your house).  Just sit back and enjoy being snowed in for the weekend.  Read a book.  Watch a movie.  Make your cheese dip for Superbowl.  Enjoy the fact that you can wear sweats and not shower all weekend.  I know I will!


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