Posted by: Chris | February 18, 2010

Chris 1, Temptation Zero.

In case you were wondering why you saw a lot of people walking around yesterday with shmutz on their foreheads, yesterday was Ash Wednesday.  Ah, the start of the Lenten season.  Dozens of asking of the inevitable question of “so, what did you give up?”  Meatless (no beef, no fowl, no lamb, no nothing that once had feet) Fridays.  And “fast” days on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, meaning no meat, only one real “meal” and only enough other sustenance to keep you going during the day.  Day 1 of 40 days of temptation.

I started off the day pretty good.  Went to church in the morning.  Had a bit of cheese and a little portion of mushroom pasta to keep my energy up.  Drove home with my stomach rumbling.  Then went to dance class – where they spent an additional 40 minutes after the class demonstrating how awesome we could be if we continued on after our initial set of lessons.  Anyway, by the time we left it was 7:45 or so the hubby and I were both starving, and he had a hankering for fried chicken.  Being the loving wife I am I agreed to stop by Popeye’s (the official friend chicken of the Washington Redskins!) so he could get a 3 piece meal. 

The odor wafting out of that plastic take-out bag may have been the most wonderful thing I have ever smelled in my life!  Tempt me not, Fried Chicken!  With your succulent white meat and savory seasonings! Away with your siren scent!

I made it home.  And had some vegetarian pasta  side dish  thing from Lipton’s I found in my pantry while the hubby and the cat fought over the Popeye’s.  You shall not defeat me, Fried Chicken!! 

Now your friend Homestyle Biscut…he’s another story.


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