Posted by: Chris | February 28, 2010

So I’m old, but I’m okay with that.

Last night confirmed a fact I have long suspected – I am no longer “young.”

You know how you never do anything, then several things all happen on the same day?  Saturday was like that for us.  Two birthday parties, one night.  And, to make it even easier for us, they ended up being held approximately three blocks away from each other in Northwest DC. 

First up, Melissa’s birthday dinner.  Original plan was to go to Lauriol Plaza for “Best Mexican Food” DC people’s choice winner of 2002, but a two to two and a half hour wait led us up the street to the more neighborhood open 24 hrs Mexican mega-menu El Tamarindo (at least, I think that was the name).  A Mexican restaraunt where the drink special was a raspberry margarita…except they were out of raspberries.  Anyway, dinner was nice, food was just fine, and our beers didn’t make it to the check.

Next, we go up the street to Town Tavern for Lauren’s boyfriend Greg’s 30th birthday (or 7.5th birthday – he’s a February 29th baby).  First let me say, I have never really been a bar person.  I’m not all that fond of loud noises or small talk.  And I prefer to drink my own good beer and alcohol for a lot less than the bar charges me for Bud Light.  But, happy to celebrate a birthday.  And after the open bar ended, the SU game was over, and the cupcakes were passed out, happy to go home.  People there just looked so….young.  And many of them, kinda silly.  I used to look that silly when out on a weekend night, too, but I think I’m done now.


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