Posted by: Chris | March 16, 2010

Dance 10, Looks 3

The hubby and I started dance lessons a few months ago, and after a basic “six series” we recently enrolled in the Bronze I level. Anyway, the other week we get a call from the new student coordinator inviting us to go to the bi-enial dance competition and awards dinner and dancing. They told us that tickets normally cost $200, but they have some free tickets to give to new students to join the dinner, and would like to invite us.  A chance to wear our formal clothes, have dinner, AND an open bar?  We’d be a fool not to go!

And we went.  And were really glad we didn’t pay.  Cash bar.  Buffet dinner, which is fine, but covered in signs saying that you needed a wrist band to go through and no one told us where we could find said wrist bands (they let us eat anyway, thank goodness).  Small talk with other students we don’t know (we don’t do small talk that well.)  Going out on the dance floor with the “advanced students” was like the new teenage driver being thrown on the Beltway after only going around the parking lot.  As Max said, you can rent a tuxedo, but you can’t rent class.

However, we did at least look really good.



  1. Can’t wait to hear all about it. You both look great!

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