Posted by: Chris | March 21, 2010


This weekend was a beautiful one here in DC.  We opened the windows, ate outside in the courtyard, and got in our first round of golf this season.  There’s a nice little public 9 hole about two minutes from us and, for DC, is pretty reasonably priced at $42 for two to walk.  (Scary that that’s reasonable, isn’t it?)

Now, when we’re able to play consistently, we’re reasonably good.  I’ve broken 100 on two or three courses sight unseen.  Down in Newport News we were routinely shooting in this high 90s.  Now we’re only able to play a dozen times a year or so our scores aren’t quite as nice.  But still, we had a great day.  Played not too badly with only some slight cheating.  Sun was shining with a nice cooling breeze.  Came back and had some appetizers for dinner and a couple of beers.  Some friends came down to join us.  Sat outside until the chill reminded us that it is only mid March.  But it was a great preview of the months to come!


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