Posted by: Chris | April 16, 2010

It smells like burning…

The hubby and I were out out for a walk a few nights ago, when my nose caught the sweet odor of grilling from one of the balconies next to the path.  And not just the smell of cooking meat (yum, steak!), but of actual char grilling.  And it made me wonder – who do we like the smell of “fire” so much?  That slightly acrid scent of burning.  Grills, fireplaces, heck, I’ve even seen scented candles with names like “woodsmoke” and “ash.”  The hubby’s thought was that it reminds us we’re no longer squating in caves wearing nothing but our own hair as clothes, but have become civilized.  I think because it signals warmth and safety.  Interesting thoughts.

In anycase, it really made me want to grill up some hamburgers.



  1. Reminds me of vacation. Specifically, camping in Wisconsin. And grilling brats. Great, now I want some brats.

  2. That’s not what I said! I said we like it BECAUSE it reminds us of our primeval nature! But yes, I would like to grill too…

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