Posted by: Chris | April 20, 2010

Compatibility Issues

About a year and a half ago, hubby’s laptop from senior year of college gave its last shuddering breath and died.  But it was okay, cause we still had my laptop I got between college and grad school.  And then about a year and three months ago, it died an agonizing Blue Screen of Death.  Finding ourselves suddenly computer and, more importantly, internet less, we started discussion what we should get as a replacement (important note, this happened near the weekend, so we could wait for the circulars to come round Saturday morning and look for deals). 

Hubby wanted a Mac Book.  His arguments were being tired of dealing with Microsoft’s “bandage and patch” approach to operating systems, that you didn’t have to worry about viruses (which we think was the cause of his computer’s sudden death), you could do awesome things with photo and video editing, Vista stunk, and, well, they look cool. 

I wanted to stick with a pc because then I could work from home on it (we are a pc office and our tech guys told us a Mac couldn’t talk to our sever without partitioning the hard drive and basically setting up a “pc” on the Mac, but it would be insanely slow), I don’t particularly like Macs (give me my right click or give me death!), and all we really use our home computer for is photo storage, a little bit of photo shop, internet and office and do we really want to shell out $1300 for that. 

We eventually got an inexpensive Toshiba – and hubby has hated it since we brought it home.

Last night, hubby got frustrated at the laptop (again).  I got tired of hearing the complaining and suggested we just buy a new one (probably not in the nicest tone of voice, sorry hubby!).  This lead to an amazing discovery – see, turns out the hubby thought I had thought the laptop was a great computer for a great deal when we bought it and was trying to sync that with evidence to the contrary, whereas I thought we were getting a computer to keep us going until Windows 7 came out and we had time to thoroughly research what we wanted in a computer so the cheapest “okay” laptop we could get the better.  (Which lead to further arguing, but hubby says I have a tendency to add unimportant facts to my story and I bet if he’s reading this he is already shaking his head that I haven’t gotten to the point yet, so..)

Here’s my point.  You may have compatibility issues in your life, but keep an open mind so you will still be able to interface.

"See" hubby would say "if we had a Mac would could edit the photo so they're holding hands!"



  1. Apple does have some nifty programs for their computers, but Macs have been and always will be computers for people who don’t know how to use computers. They’re perfect for parents, grandparents, and toddlers. I consider them the Fisher Price of computers. But if the main purpose of a new computer is photo storage/organization then maybe a Mac is the way to go. If you can afford it! They’re also WAY expensive!

    With that said, Windows 7 is pretty great. I love it. Also, for the price of a Mac you could buy TWO netbooks. Just sayin’.

  2. I definitely disagree with JC. That might have been true prior to OS X. But I’m currently surrounded by some of the most computer savvy people out there, and people just prefer Macs for their laptops. Ever since OS X, the Unix buried under the hood means that most kinds of geekery are better with either Mac or Linux. Maybe 10 years ago I’d agree, but… There are definitely a lot of reasons to not buy a Mac, but JC’s isn’t one.

    Macs are more expensive than bargain PC’s; there’s no Mac equivalent to a crappy Netbook, for instance (except maybe an iPad?). I’ve no idea whether it’d be worth it for Chris and Max to pay for one – for most people, the biggest difference is just in the interface and Windows 7’s come a long way. For the kind of work I do, the PC laptop would end up costing about the same.

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