Posted by: Chris | May 17, 2010

Wide Ranging Weekend

Saturday the hubby pulled out his plaid shirt, I braided my hair, and we drove down to Fredericksburg to a birthday party/Memorial Day party hosted by one of the hubby’s co-workers.  Last year it was cool and drizzling the entire party, but this time as we drove down 95 (and sat in traffic on 95) the sun was shinning.  We ate some good old BBQ – ribs, potato salad, corn bread – drank some beer, and waited for the highlight of the party, a petting zoo and horse/pony rides.  Yup, this guy and his family go all out!  There was even a baby llama!

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Then complete 180 to Sunday, where the hubby pulled on his fancy pants and asked me to wear a dress to a bunch in Chevy Chase.  Cedar grilled salmon hash, greenbeans with orange vinager dressing, and raspberry champagne cocktails were the menu of the day. 

I love living in an area where you get to experience so many different things – all in the same weekend!


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