Posted by: Chris | June 5, 2010

Loudest bag in the world

Last night we were going to hang out with Jason and Lynette, so on my way home I stopped off at Giant to get some drinks and some snacks.  I decided to grab some french onion Sun Chips.  Do you remember a few months ago when Sun Chips had those commercials about their new bio-degradable bags?  Well, they forgot to mention that these new bags, while better for the environment, are the loudest bags in the world.  Seriously!  You just look at it, and it crinkles.  Touch it, and you might as well be setting off fire crackers.  It makes me want to eat all the chips all the more so I don’t have to deal with the excess of noise trying to get the leftover chips bag in the bag!  Who knew that saving the earth would be so noisy?


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