Posted by: Chris | June 10, 2010

Attention DC Beltway

Okay, fellow drivers, listen up. I’m sure I’m not alone here, but I am getting sick and tired of how long it’s taking me to drive home after work.  Last night it took me almost an hour and a half to cover under 25 miles of 4 to 5 lane highway.  That’s ridiculous.  So, some friendly advice:

1. A bit of rain will not make you melt.  It is a fact that the mere mention of precipitation in the greater DC area throws drivers into a frenzy where they either drive like maniacs or refuse to go over 10 mph.  Drivers, baring some of the ice and snow of last winter, your car can handle precipitation.  Just drive like you normally do and you’ll be fine.

2. Pay attention.  Common sense, right?  But you’d be amazed the number of people I see in moving traffic paying more attention to their pdas than the road.  You’re in control of a 2,000 lb piece of hot motorized metal.  Be respectful of that, and the damage it can do.  Which leads me to…

3. Avoid accidents.  It’s amazing what paying attention can do to reduce the number of accidents.  Sometimes there are some serious crashes, but often times cars on the side of the road attracking the admiring glances of rubber neckers are just fender benders.  Avoiding accidents is especially key right now due to the massive amounts of construction that have removed shoulders from a good chunk of the main beltway arteries.  So those accidents are stuck sitting in the travel lanes, causing even more delays.

4. Watch your speed.  Yes, we all speed here, and after being stuck in bearly moving traffic for 20 miles and you suddenly break free of the scrum and see clear highway ahead of you, you feel the need to put the pedel to the metal and charge forward.  Well, the cops know this, too, and have recently taken to setting up shop after accident zones to pull the “I’m free, I’m free!” drivers over, creating yet another rubber neck situation and making you wait even longer until you can get home. 

Anyway, those are my suggestions.  Now hopefully you thousands of drivers out there will take my advice and we can all have a nice trip home this evening.


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