Posted by: Chris | June 18, 2010

Political Pause

If you know me, you know I don’t like politics.  However, this whole Alvin Greene thing in South Carolina does interest me.  A guy who no one knows where he got the $10,000 to enter the primary, who didn’t run a campaign (other than maybe a hundred flyers), who is facing felony obscenity charges (though I’m not sure how showing porn to a college student is a felony – I mean, if that were the case half of college campuses would be convicted felons), and who when interviewed seems to be confused as to his own platform, somehow won the vast majority of the vote in a primary against a several term judge and veteran politician.

Conspiracy theories abound – He’s a Republican plant!  No, Republicans wouldn’t be that dumb, it’s a Democratic plan gone awry!  Or, as one Washington Post article reported after interviewing several people in a middle-sized town: me and about half a dozen people I know voted for him because he was first on the ballot; I voted for him because he has the same last name as my best friend.

Fellow Americans, voting is a right and a privilege.  But, please, just because you have that right doesn’t mean you have to exercise it.  Please please please have informed decisions, or else abstain.  Not voting once doesn’t mean you won’t be able to vote again, so make your vote meaningful.  Or you may end up with Alvin Greene being your voice in government.

Okay, now I’m done with my one politically related post for the year.  Back to more important issues, like how delicious that lemon and artichoke risotto with shrimp that I made the other night for dinner was.



  1. It was indeed delicious. Nice post!

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