Posted by: Chris | June 30, 2010

The Ice Cream Man Cometh

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk when I heard a high-pitched, annoying song coming from somewhere.  At first I figured it was someone’s ringtone.  Then thought maybe someone’s playing a video on their computer.  Then realized it was coming from outside.  Looking out my window I saw…The Good Humor Man!  Driving around my office parking lot!  So exciting! 

But then, I realized, I could never make it down stairs in time to reach him before he left.  This momentarily threw me back to my childhood, where for one summer the ice cream man would not come all the way down into my neighborhood.  He would stop about two streets up, just close enough that all the kids (like, seriously, there were about 20 of us) could hear the music, but just far enough away that by the time we got on our bikes or ran up there, we were left in his Entertainer dust.  One day we actually caught him, explained to him that he was missing out on the contents of a whole bunch of piggie banks, and got him to come down and sell us his frozen treats.  Life was good. 

Anyway, that was the flashback I had yesterday afternoon.  Maybe he’ll come back again today, and maybe, just maybe, I can make it down stairs in time.  Wait for me, Good Humor Man, baby wants a Dove Bar!


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