Posted by: Chris | July 13, 2010

Degrees of Separation

Yesterday my friend L found out that her station on XM, Watercolors, is Howard Stern’s new favorite station and as a result was interviewed on his show by his side-kick lady (you can tell I’m not a Howard Stern listener, can’t you?)  Anyway, this made me start thinking about all the famous people I’m not all that far removed from, which makes me cooler than you, right?  (Unless you’re the people I’m listing below, then you’re cooler than me cause you’re closer).

L has also met a ton of awesome musicians, and occasionally sees actors wandering around the XM studio (who apparently are always shorter than you’d expect in real life – ahem, Woody Harrelson).  I get a lot of connections from L.

L’s husband J was an extra in Groundhog Day and has actually spoken with Bill Murray.  So that opens up a whole Ghostbuster/Caddyshack/Zombieland world!  Hello again, Woody!

My dad-in-law has played a show on Broadway with Maria Friedman, who has been in shows with Michael Ball and Colm Wilkenson and Donny Osmond.  Neat.

Dad-in-law has also played a show with Donna Murphy.  Not only was she in Spiderman 2 (Toby McGuire and Kirsten Dunst and Alfred Molina) but she was in a movie called Center Stage (which she autographed for me!) with a then unknown Zoe Saldana.  You know, the girl who was the female pirate in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie (the one Jack stole the boat from).  Oh, yeah, and she’s also in Star Trek AND Avatar.  Ba-BAM!  Half of Hollywood is now within my 6 degrees, and a chunk of Broadway too!  It’s okay, I don’t mind you basking in my coolness.



  1. You are definitely too cool for me! Oh wait, I have all the same connections you do! I guess that makes us both pretty cool. 🙂

  2. When we get to know each other a little better I’ll tell you about all the “independent” films I was in during my college years.

  3. It’s been a strange week.

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