Posted by: Chris | July 28, 2010

Mad Men, season 4

Max and I have only watched Mad Men on dvd from Netflix, so imagine my surprize when Max suggested that we actually watch it off tv.  Crazy!  So we set the dvd to record Sunday at 10…and wouldn’t you know it the power goes off at 3:30 Sunday afternoon and doesn’t come back on til 9, with the cable not returning until sometime later.  Oh no, we’re doomed!!  So thank you AMC for showing Mad Men again on Monday at 11 pm.

My character review – POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT

Betty – now married to Henry, but still living in Don’s house.  It’s like you’ve replaced Don with an older, snobbier, gray-haired man but did nothing else differently (cause your life was working for you so well the first time).  Oh, and by the way, you’re a horrible mom.

Sally – poor Sally.  Why do I see her burning her bra in 10 years time?

Henry – Well, now you’ve gotten Betty into your bed (at least I think they got rid of Don’s bed) and your mom thinks she’s a moron and a bad mother.  Good thing she’s got looks going for her.

Don – “Who is Don Draper.”  Well, apparently Don Draper is a guy who’s big plans for Thanksgiving include a hooker (who knows what you like, so you’ve obviously been availing yourself of her services with some frequency) before getting his kids for the rest of the weekend.  But, near the end, Don Draper is a guy takes his own advise when realizes he has to start taking risks (I mean with himself, not talking of the legal kind, what with the hookers and the drunk driving and the occasional drugs and all) or die.  Look out, NYC, SCDP may have had a bad week but is coming out fightin’!



  1. Shooooooooot. I’m only on Season 2 and I read the first line after your spoiler alert! How do I erase my minddddddddd. LOL

    It never happened, it never happened. Ok, fine, it was bound to happen. 🙂

  2. Possible spoiler alert? Definite spoiler alert. Put more space between the spoiler alert warning and the actual spoiler.

  3. Good job, honey. Way to ruin the show for our friends. Imagine if they did that with Glee – we’d have no idea what song they’re going to sing next!

  4. Okay, sorry everyone. I shall go sit in a corner now and hide my face.

    In my defense, though, what did you think a blog entry titled Mad Men, seaon 4 would be about, puppies? (Spoiler alert – there are no new puppies in this episode)

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