Posted by: Chris | August 10, 2010

Things I Learned (or Re-Learned) While in NY

1. When the state is facing a budget crisis, they up the number of speed traps on the highways.  In the span of about 80 miles there were at least 10 of them.

2. There is nothing like sitting on the deck/patio with a cool drink after a hot round of golf.

3. Mosquitos suck (okay, known that one for years, but they were unusually vicious this past weeknd!) and somehow always know to bite your feet right where you golf shoes will rub the most.

4. It is more stressful to register for baby shower things than for wedding shower things – so much (like the future life and happiness of your yet-to-be-born offspring) depends on you making the right choice of baby tubs, pacifiers and crib bedding.  By the time we hit crib mattresses I was ready to run out of the store screaming!

5.  A beautiful wedding can indeed take place in a corn field.

6. Pennsylvania can bite me, particularly the genious who decided to make about 15 miles of almost constant uphill truck route highway ONE LANE ONLY!

7. There is no place like home (even if it takes you a while to get used to seeing your home state license plates again).



  1. There is indeed no place like home. Lets never leave it again! 🙂

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