Posted by: Chris | August 13, 2010


Redskins pre-season starts tonight!  Yippie!  I have had some real football cravings this past month, and now it’s finally here!  Donovan McNabb, my favorite player, who I’ve watched since his freshman year at Syracuse, is now a ‘Skin.  A new coach brings hopes of a better season (which shouldn’t be too hard, after all, given how much we stunk last year). 

My only real dilema is what gear should I buy?  The woman’s McNabb jersey, which may impart more of a “cute girl” vibe than a “footBALL” one, but is about $25 less than the man’s McNabb jersey?  The man’s McNabb jersey, which costs more but is the stuff many men (I’m told) dream about their significant others wearing?  Or this:

Maternity tee - gotta make sure there's room for B.O.B.!



  1. Oooh…tough call…I’d go with the maternity gear this year and hold out for the jersey next year. Best to make sure his contract gets renewed before buying a jersey!

  2. Anybody want to buy a Cubs Sammy Sosa jersey?

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