Posted by: Chris | August 19, 2010


Today the office manager at my company forwarded an e-mail out from the building owners that they were going to have an ice cream social for all the building occupants!  I scrolled past the blather about how it’s a good opportunity to meet some of my fellow building dwellers to the import part – when!  I saw Thursday.  I saw 2:30 to 4:00.  SWEET!

About 3:00 I decide the inital rush will have cleared so it’s a good time to head down.  I ask my one co-worker, who was trying to finish up a project, if I could bring him back anything.  I go to my next co-worker to ask if she wants to come, and she said…

“Uh, Chris, the ice cream thing is NEXT Thursday.”

DENIED!  Oh well, at least I know what to look forward to next week.



  1. One time a coworker was an hour off and I let her leave thinking it was the end of the day. She came back ten minutes later embarrassed and angry at me.

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