Posted by: Chris | August 29, 2010

The jersey works!

Friday night I took the new NcNabb jersey our for a pre-season run.  The game between the Redskins and the Jets wasn’t the prettiest – seriously, 6 to 5 at one point, 6 to 5! – but even with McNabb and Sellers out, and Portis spraining his ankle, we won!  And along the way managed to look like a football team.  The jersey works!

The offence needs to work on its running game a bit, but new coach, new scheme, still trying to figure out who will make the roster, I’m willing to give them another couple of games.  Realistic expectations are key when dealing with a team like the Redskins – I’m hoping for a winning season.  9 and 7 will make Chris happy. 

Okay, Max just told me McNabb is out for the next game and questionable for the season opener against Dallas.  So maybe the jersey isn’t lucky for McNabb…well, we still won.  Go team go!


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