Posted by: Chris | September 16, 2010

New Science

My friend from high school Geoff’s status today: just realized – if Pluto’s no longer a planet, the galaxy ends at Uranus.

My comment: What about for people who think the sun shines out of their-anus…does that make the solar system a ouroboros? (Ouroboros – the snake biting its tail.  I knew there was an actually word for it, but yes, I had to look it up)

Geoff’s response: You ‘n me, Chris…we just invented a whole new branch of asstrophysics. I name this phenomenon the Holmthorne Al*lingal Loop, since Uranus is constantly getting oural. (that star was an “a” until a friend pointed out I’ll probably get a lot of spam and scary Googlers with that word!)

See, Max isn’t the only one that can be scientific on their blog!



  1. I would like to join this new church you’re describing.

    Also, the word analingal is in your blog! (Bonus points!) You’re about to get a whole new crop of cyber-wanderers checking out your blog.

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