Posted by: Chris | September 22, 2010

When hubby’s away…

Max has been out of town on work travel since Monday; yes, he left on my birthday but he left me a card and a book to keep myself occupied (The Disappearing Spoon – I’ve talked about it before, it’s the book about the elements.  Yes, the Periodic Table elements.)

Couple of observations:

1. Leftover ice cream cake still tastes awesome

2. It’s a lot easier to make the bed when only one person has been sleeping in it, though it is much more lonely

3. You can stretch leftovers a very long way when there’s only one of you eating

4. I have the option of watching whatever I want…and I watch Spaceballs (“What do we have on this thing, a Cuisinart!?”)

5. It just isn’t as much fun when you’re home alone – though it makes you appreciate not being alone all the more


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