Posted by: Chris | November 10, 2010

Odds and Ends

Last weekend was my 4 year anniversary at my company.  Wow, 4 years.  Went pretty quickly, honestly.  Kinda funny when you start working at a place thinking, eh, it works for now, I’ll try it for a while, and before you know it its years later.  I’ve moved up from being the entry level analyst to the Manager of Quality and Analytics (says so on the new business cards I just got!) and am going to be taking the lead on accounts and product lines (little bit now, more so after I come back from BOB leave).  Not too shabby!

Last night we watched The Blind Side.  I’d like to think that were I to have enough money to have a $10,000 sofa in my living room and send both my kids to private school and own two BMWs that I would be the kind of person who would do something like Leigh Ann did, but I’m just not sure I would.  For now, though, at least I have Toys for Tots at Christmas.  Best line of the movie?  “Who’d have thought we’d have a black son before we met a Democrat.”

I got a call yesterday at the baby furniture is in and scheduled a delivery for next weekend.  Yay!  But now we’ll have to do all the stuff we’ve been putting off until the furniture got here.  Crap!  Oh well, it will all have to be done in the next coupld weeks anyway as 33 weeks is just around the corner…


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