Posted by: Chris | November 19, 2010

Red Room

For those of you who have been to our condo, you know our living room is red.  A “cranberry zinger” red.  With streaks.  And patches.  And splotches.  When we were painting it we attacked it with more exuberance than skill, which combined with Glidden paint, left a paint style I liked to pawn off as “antique faux leather.” 

This paint job has bothered us for years, so we finally decided that with a baby coming soon and the need to be able to resell in the next year or so we needed to fix the paint job.  And neither of us wanted to take a day to do it ourselves.  So we sent out for professionals.

First, let me say that we know what we like.  We went to the paint store and got lots of samples to make the room more “neutral” – and ended up with almost the same color.  People are going to come over and not even notice, I’m sure. 

Second, Behr prime and paint is awesome.  If you’ve ever painted red before, you know it’s the hardest color to do well (turns out it works best when you have a grey primer underneath it – that would have been useful to know 3.5 years ago when we were on our third coat with the Glidden!).  This stuff goes on nice and even and looks great. 

Third, everyone has an interesting story.  The combo package of John and Tim Clayborne spent the day painting and chatting with Max as he “supervised” the progress.  John, the dad, has been a painter for decades and used to have his own crew of Bolivian expert painters.  Tim has his own heavy metal band, that has toured with one or two relatively big name groups. 

Last, if you have the money, pros are worth it.  It ain’t cheap, but boy does it look good!


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