Posted by: Chris | November 28, 2010


Notes on a Holiday:

  1. When you get out of work early, it is very do-able to make a crumb cake, mini-pumpkin spice cakes, and two pumpkin pies in an evening.
  2. I am the biggest sap in the world when it comes to the Thanksgiving Day parade.  Seriously, I get teary-eyed when Santa appears.
  3. Not only am I really, really looking forward to watching the parade with BOB next year, but s/he is excited, too, judging from the amount of moving around that went on (either that, or s/he just really likes crumb cake)
  4. A stand mixer works sooo much better than a hand mixer when dealing with 5 pounds of whipped potatoes
  5. When one has a massage on Friday, one should not move heavy rocks on a Saturday
  6. A stop at the outlet mall on the way back from West Virginia realized presents for all of us except Lucius.  But he doesn’t seem to mind so much when offered turkey in exchange
  7. Possibly the best part of Thanksgiving is just about here – getting ready for Christmas!!!

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