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What happens in my office if you miss your deadlines

Posted by: Chris | October 10, 2010

Wild Beaver on the golf course


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What naptime at the Cooper’s looks like

Posted by: Chris | September 29, 2010

14th Street


If I had only been two more cars back at that stop light this would have been a great shot of the Capitol…

Posted by: Chris | September 28, 2010

Busy week last week

Just some of the highlights:

  1. Max leaving for a work trip on Monday morning
  2. Monday was also my 29th birthday
  3. Getting a proposal out at work
  4. Thursday tidy up the condo for company
  5. Also pick up Max at the airport (he saw Chris Matthews!)
  6. Parents come into town on Friday
  7. Friday was also our 5 year wedding anniversary
  8. A baby shower for BOB on Saturday!
  9. Watch the Redskins be the Redskins on Sunday
  10. Make and eat lasagna.  Yum!
Posted by: Chris | September 22, 2010

When hubby’s away…

Max has been out of town on work travel since Monday; yes, he left on my birthday but he left me a card and a book to keep myself occupied (The Disappearing Spoon – I’ve talked about it before, it’s the book about the elements.  Yes, the Periodic Table elements.)

Couple of observations:

1. Leftover ice cream cake still tastes awesome

2. It’s a lot easier to make the bed when only one person has been sleeping in it, though it is much more lonely

3. You can stretch leftovers a very long way when there’s only one of you eating

4. I have the option of watching whatever I want…and I watch Spaceballs (“What do we have on this thing, a Cuisinart!?”)

5. It just isn’t as much fun when you’re home alone – though it makes you appreciate not being alone all the more

Posted by: Chris | September 21, 2010

Oooh fancy!


Trying out my new Droid X!

Posted by: Chris | September 16, 2010

New Science

My friend from high school Geoff’s status today: just realized – if Pluto’s no longer a planet, the galaxy ends at Uranus.

My comment: What about for people who think the sun shines out of their-anus…does that make the solar system a ouroboros? (Ouroboros – the snake biting its tail.  I knew there was an actually word for it, but yes, I had to look it up)

Geoff’s response: You ‘n me, Chris…we just invented a whole new branch of asstrophysics. I name this phenomenon the Holmthorne Al*lingal Loop, since Uranus is constantly getting oural. (that star was an “a” until a friend pointed out I’ll probably get a lot of spam and scary Googlers with that word!)

See, Max isn’t the only one that can be scientific on their blog!

Posted by: Chris | September 13, 2010

Jersey Update

Okay, so I may actually be onto something here: wore the jersey in pre-season against the Jets and won; didn’t wear it in pre-season against the Cardinals and lost; wore it last night against Dallas and won (albeit by the skin of our teeth!). Let’s see how long this will last!

Posted by: Chris | August 29, 2010

The jersey works!

Friday night I took the new NcNabb jersey our for a pre-season run.  The game between the Redskins and the Jets wasn’t the prettiest – seriously, 6 to 5 at one point, 6 to 5! – but even with McNabb and Sellers out, and Portis spraining his ankle, we won!  And along the way managed to look like a football team.  The jersey works!

The offence needs to work on its running game a bit, but new coach, new scheme, still trying to figure out who will make the roster, I’m willing to give them another couple of games.  Realistic expectations are key when dealing with a team like the Redskins – I’m hoping for a winning season.  9 and 7 will make Chris happy. 

Okay, Max just told me McNabb is out for the next game and questionable for the season opener against Dallas.  So maybe the jersey isn’t lucky for McNabb…well, we still won.  Go team go!

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